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UK Consulting Centre Ltd  


The UK Consulting Centre Ltd (UKCC) is an Adult Education & Training establishment registered in England & Wales under No. 5204740 .


The UK Consulting Centre Ltd provides a wide range of training and education services, programme package resources, advice, support and hands-on guidance to Registered Training Organisations and related businesses in the Vocational Education and Training sectors.


We in the UKCC offer a broad range of introductory, start up services and strategies for those organisations who may be considering establishing a nationally recognised training organisation  , and we provide extensive advice and information for those organisations looking to design and deliver their own, in house qualifications to staff and clients.


The UK Consulting Centre Ltd Partners and Consultants are all academically qualified professionals with extensive industry experience. We are confident that the UKCC Training and Consultancy services provided are of the highest level, supported by the latest techniques and training methodologies, modern equipment, and use of the latest information technologies for better vocational education around the globe .


We offer skills, knowledge and experience in both Vocational Education and Training and Organisational Management. Our consultancy services focus on the latest knowledge and involvement in organisational management.


Where appropriate, UKCC affiliates with key associate consultants who offer skills and knowledge that complement our own to ensure all your audit and other requirements are met. UKCC provides clients with a breadth and depth of knowledge and an ability to deliver a comprehensive service to your specifications.


With an extensive customer base from both private and public sectors throughout the world , our international  presence allows us to support organisations around the world  in providing  quality vocational training services and maintain the integrity expected from a nationally recognised training concern.


Our Client's specific needs are always our prime focus. We work to a Client Performance and Quality Plan which addresses and clearly details how we work, how we keep records and how we manage all matters relating to the client's needs. We draw up a project plan with you and we guarantee our price.


The Training Packages we provide are the axis of our system architecture. UKCC Training Packages specify the competencies that must result from the provision of learning services, industry requirements for assessment, and the qualifications that result from competence.



  • Provide a tutoring network which identifies current trends and disseminates information.

  • Enhance the status of professionals, paraprofessionals, peer tutors, and volunteers working in the discipline.

  • Offer a forum which stimulates research in the discipline.

  • Collaborate with other national, regional and International  organizations, and individuals involved with tutoring, in harmony with the policies and concerns of the UK Consulting Centre Ltd    .

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